Tomassini uses only the highest quality raw materials in order to guarantee a consistent level of quality in its products.
   Every suppliers is asked to submit a quality certificate for each batch of material.
   We have available the most common types of stainless steel (AiSi 630/DIN 1.4542, AiSi 431/DIN 1.4057, AiSi 316/DIN 1.4580, AiSi 304/DIN 1.4301) for the production of spinnerets. Other materials are available upon request.

   All steps of spinneret production are programmed and executed using the most modern and sophisticated machinery and manufacturing technology. Complex hole-pattern executed with wirecut erosion using dia. 0.03 mm wire for a width of cut starting from 0.06 mm, anular spinneret for staple fiber up to 1.000 mm in diameter with many thousands holes.

   A sophisticated CAD/CAM system allows for the production of every kind of blank and programming of every type of hole layout as well as the most complicated hale shape.

   All spinnerets are inspected with the help of highly sensitive optical instruments and a test certificate is enclosed with each other.

TOMASSINI SPINNERETTES: Micro lavorazioni industriali, Micro forature industriali, Nozzle, Bcf spinneret, Staple Fiber, Monofilament, Nonwoven, Apunbound, Bcf, Carpet Yarn, Meltblown, Jetstrip, Bicomponent, Acetate, Spandex, Spinpack spinneret in Rieti near Rome capital of Italy.
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